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i'm dumb enough to believe all your lies, again.


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Hey hey. Siti Julaiha.
24011996, do your math.
i'm into drama and dance.
i'm not your typical teenager who's life is so perfect.
i'm just a girl with a heart that pretends to be ok when actually i'm not.

-That's me (:
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Monday, September 6, 2010 @ 7:17 PM


i'm fucking tired. -.-

Julia and syafiqah came over. i still belom mandi that time. Julia dah macam dah biasa datang my house then teros suruh syafiqah masok my bilik, HAHAHAH. \m/

then, i mandi. we planned and did our project. sumpaaaaaah kecoh.

sprayed painted th materials. did some EXPERIMENTS. colour our palms and faces with purple and yellow. kk, we were freaks. apelagi when we were outside. macam orang tkde rumah, spread out the mat, and sat there. we sort of sprayed painted the wall, but luckily, there was a cream syray paint, so we could cover it upppppppp.
then, we recorded viseos, took pictures. its was awesome \m/
k, done? ;D

@ 10:41 AM

hello :D
later Julia Farzana and Syafiqah coming over to my crib to do CME.
omg. i haven't do my hwks. been busy revising my science, bummmmerrrr.
saya belom mandi lagi. HAHAH.
seriously, everyone is at sch now, having their math remedial. no one is online now except for Joendy who is disturbing me like a dick.
haikal and zefflin are online. and currently chatting to zeffline.
hurry lah come. bored bored bored. dah bye.

Sunday, September 5, 2010 @ 11:11 PM

i'm soooooooooooooo fucking tan! :O
kk. today. i woke up for sahur then prayed. cleaned up my room from 6am till 11am. wow right? HAHAH. kk. sleeeeeeeeeeppy. sleep. then wake up. went out then went home.
saw Syazwan! \m/ so cute with his geeeky specs.
then, balik, and now, i wanna sleep. dah bye :D

@ 10:57 PM

Saturday, September 4, 2010 @ 7:59 PM

hi awesome readers. \m/
miss me tk? hahah. kk, i know i never update my blog. sorrysorry.
been busy.. with life and studies? HAHHA. kk. new blog layout. its plain, dull, lazy to edit it all. gonna be rajin and update blog. insyallah. i just habis mandi. buka tadi, saya full ttm x.x
later, i'm gonna clean up my room, like seriously, i keep on delaying. pfffth -.-'
azrul said i'm really awesome. weeeee ~ thanks dude.
teacher's day was awesome, NOT. line dancing was funny. mr teddy bear was melebihhhhhh. step tawu joget. dah shush. :P
went to Julia's crib after that, went to wgps. meet up with old buddies with Julia. Julia was like an intruder. we dressed up macam nak gi party or towning \m/ meet up with eliza and hanisa and then we all lepak. durh, i kene kacau. -.- mepek punyah jantanxz.
my results, sumpah sucks. hais. disappointed as i know i can do better. seriously, thinesh mad at me about it and got lectured. a veryveryvery long one. he is gonna help me out with it. YAY \m/


i ended my friendship with Sabrina. kk, sumpah menyakitkan hati but its the best right? its gonna be hard forgetting the memories. i needa pretend that nothing as ever happen between us or even know her at all. its hard, but i know i can make it with Tuhan's help. i'm gonna miss her badly and those retarded moments.

hari raya on fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. one weeeeeeek holidays yet , it not a holiday for me. i'm gonna be studying and meeting up with Julia and the others for some projects. which means, gotta but stuffs for the projects -.-

i'm in neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed of cash. i wanna go shopping and watch movie with awesome people of mine. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :O

kk, till here. dah bye :DD

Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 4:57 PM

oh, hello.
blog dah mampos. update soon. dah bye.

Monday, July 26, 2010 @ 5:46 PM

hellooooooooooo, blog i dah mampos, sedeh pah ? lols.

wednesday was racial harmony and i loike it (Y) had many compliments, i kembanggggggggg ttm. and ms phua say i look like adult, fuuuuuuuyoh :D then slackslackslack. sabrina had arguement with acul then we all slackslack and had the most 'urgh' plan everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. and i had to be the victim for the mission. siak jer ehk -.- kk, then balik and went out. balik arnd 11++ and slept.

thursday was elearning. completed it, went out, lepak, meet sabrina, eliza and fariq. accompanied sabrina and eliza to library. then i went home, and went out to my friends house. went home and sleep.

kk, friday (:
went training with indra, sabrina, hanisa and eliza. then we played the swings and went off. late as usual. then the fucking P talked alot maha alot. pfffth. then had a short master parade and had rehearsal for NDP. bestbestbest. then break, then continued on with rehearsal. after rehearsal. had to go back to the NPCC training. fuck, thinesh was there with amir -.-' thinesh was giving this HORRIBLE attitude. FUCK YOU, you ruined my whole mood. i was bad mood for the rest of the day. i didnt talk to my friends. i got pissed off at amarool, but whatever. then went for laser quest. kk, it was fun ttm. thanks to the guys for cheering me up. sweat alot. then bladblahblah. amarool kept following me -.- kept sitting with me. hmmmmpf. then we went out, he put his arm around my shoulders --.-- and sabrina all saw it ==" ergh. then lepak at the squash court then went somewhere else cause cant hang out there. then it ended. in the bus, sat with amarool. he kept leaning on me, resting his shoulders on me and he sat on me -.- pathetic kan ? but whattodooooo? my abg pe ~ huakhuak. then lepak and went to eliza's house. around 7.45pm ++ , went to syah's block and lepak with fariq, syah and ali. around 8-9 pm ++ , i went off after meeting the other seniors. :P then meet rasydan and balik around 2+ and slept.

saturday, overslept, onlinedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, eattttttttttttttttttt, lepakkkkkkkk and onlineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed and slept.

sunday. woke up, lepak, online and went ot beach with hotties , sumpah fun. (L)

today. woke up. schhhhhhhhhool was as per normal. alot of people eating in class. then assembly hyper ttm thanks to shayunis and iffah and ghayathri. then iffah told me something shocking, kawan makan kawan. totally unexpected from someone. :O then lepak with iffah , shayunis, syuhaidah and ghayathri. iffah went off with someone and the rest lepak at 614, fariq's block. then haikal, syah, fariq, hidey and the others lah :D then we all lepak, the guys was playing some games which includes the girls. they all bully syuhaidah, i came and they all were like ; " TU SUPERGIRL!" "EHK ! TU JUJU ! " and so all helll broke lose. they wanted hidey to motek with me ?! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. -;- then blah3, lepak again, danced with syuhaidah and went to cwp. slack at cwp , saw deena and iffah. then went home. (:

- sorry sabrina i never lepak with you, i smoke ah tu pasal i dont want you near me , huakhuak then it was alr late ah when you ajak me lepak. hahah. kk, done. :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 @ 11:11 PM

aku dah tk update blog lagi, wthhh. i totally abandon my blog :)
tmr no schoooooooooooooool seyh ^^
then no studies on friday, gerek or what siak?
my tumblr, aku sudah addicted. my onsugar, is awesome. HAHAH.
Racial Harmony, omggggggggggosh, awesome \m/
aku cinta Oliver K. Raj , my my model and my awesomest friendddd (:
gagahhhhh, aku mendak. photos uploaded in facebook. go find :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010 @ 10:16 PM

booooooooooooooooo, im bored. kk, now, im back to my FIRST tumblr. huakhuak, second tumblr, im sorry but i'll abandon you for a while *winkwink*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 @ 11:34 PM

@ 11:30 PM

the song Here Without You by 3 doors down , TOTALLY suit my current situation now. booo.

addicted to the song War by Jay Sean and i got inspired to write this.

soldiers in a war are leaving the battlefield, cause they know they're gonna
lose in the end. I'm like the soldier, leaving it all alone cause even how hard
i try to fix it all back, it's just like a dream that is never coming true and
i'll be at the losing end.

@ 10:29 PM

old picture (:
hello ;D lemme elaborate about my Monday and Tuesday (:
woke up, went to sch with the usuals. blah3, during APC, had film thingyyy which was interesting. then had someone bird-whistling. sec 1 went off first. then only the sec 2 girls went back to class. went to play at the swing with sabrina and eliza. followed by indra and shahmi. then the guys went off to indra's house. FINALLY, syuhaidah came. we danced our ass off sia and the guys saw it. then we went off to vistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. meet indra and shahmi there. went seveneleven, saw him, stared at each other and went off. then went to eliza's house. swear it was very fun and funny. xD syuhaidah went off first followed by sabrina, indra and shahmi. \m/ then i played eliza's com and swear, someth sad happened. i cried and went off while eliza is asleep.. i cried nonstop. but i told myself it'll happen in every relationships and i just gotta accept it all. now i sound really unlike me :P huakhuak. went home, followed by brother, he told me about his relationship problems, i told him about mine. then he said his anny is 5 more days and mine was 3 more days. funny sia. it thot it was fated cause we do everyth is like almost together sia. well, this is what sibling are called what? somemore, close siblings like me and abang. then, while eating with him, i cried. like i fuckingly cried. booohooo. he asked me to stop crying and continue on eating and i cried while eating my noodles. HAHAHAHAHHAHA ! xD then i onlined, he onlined, saw his PM and cried again. did hwks half way cause was TOO busy crying. then my brother onlined jap and i fell asleep. he woke me up and ask me sleep in my room and i walk like some drunkard to my room and jumped on my bed. my brother helped me on my fan :] gosh, i love my brother. but i couldnt sleep cause i kept crying. :'((((
woke up, walked with the usuals again -.-' i cried abit ah. :'( went to sch. preteneded nothing happen. P talked ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. __ i feel asleep while praying time. not badd ehk. then had PE, gossiped and joked around with deena and iffah (: thanksthanks ^^ then had MT, coldddddd -.-' recess blah3 and had literature. literature was fun sia. had LOTSA JOKES \m/ especially the part during the group work :P amir pulled down oliver's pants and stuffs blah3. then went to playground with the girls. then we played soccer :D HAHAHAHA ! xD then played the swing, a resident shouted, we all muker sumpah BLANK. WTF. __ then we went lepak jap with those girls. hanisa and sabrina was worried cause they're scared the resident complain to the sch. then we walked in the rain, bought big gulp and surlpeee. lepak jap dekat block sabrina and then went off. thanks for sending me ah. but the funny part was the part went sabrina and hanisa created story to cover up for the soccer-resident incident. funny. from sch to hola to wings to NPCC to T.T to RGF to Graveyard to soccer in the graveyard and to loads more ah. then we made a command for crying; "baris, ngangis sekarang!" and everyone starts crying. then when thinesh sedia, everyone stops crying. HUAKHUAK. then dahhhhh over. balik, cook and watch ellen degenerous \m/ favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv show lah siot ^^ then, abang went home and then we bbl and joked around. then we siapsiap for religious class. lepastu, we went shop, i boughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht kinderbueno whiteeeee (L) hehehk, and since just now, i online. kk.
booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. its over between us and its OFFICIAL. :'( goodbye love...
"i cant move on cause it means forgetting all the things we
had but i kept running back, running back to you."

Haikal's at my tagb.
Monday, July 12, 2010 @ 9:15 PM

seriously, im NOT happy with this Haikal's in my tagboard.
Kau sape sak? brani bbl pasal relationship aku ngn matae aku, brani letak namer ah siyol? kau sape sak nk bbl pasal hidop aku? ehk, jangan prasan please? you've been tagging my tagboard for a fucking long time and dah lamer kau tk kacau hidop aku, asl datang balik? fine, maybe aku and haikal have messed things up real badly, and you want him? idk about it cause i still love him. idk if we break or not. if you want him so much, get over my dead body first BITCH. i still love my bby no matter what you BITCH. get that BITCH ?! FUCK YOU _!_

bby, i still love you.
@ 6:07 PM

this post is for my bie. i owe alot of explainations to him.

Dear bie,
im sorry for the way i treat you. maybe you'll say that im too sensitive, but im having some problems and its all stressing me up. i just thot of having a time of my own with the girls. and, idk if you know, but i alr know my sickness, i have a hole in my lungs :'( its really getting me all fucked up about it :'( and next thing, you're angry at me. you even said you're better on your own ... it hurts me like FUCK and i seriously mean it. i really love you and you're gonna break up with me since our 2nd month is just in another 3 days ? seriouslyy, this hurts me. idk what to do. i cnt bear to lose you . especially now since i need you. i wanna tell you all about his but how ? your handphone got confiscated, at school, you're always with your friends and i cant talk to you about it infront of them cause it'll be very embarrassing. but please, i really love you and i dont wanna lose you bby. i really do.... please dont leave me bie :'(
i love you very very much :'(

Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 9:57 PM

i miss my beby. :'(
kk, hello people. lemme elaborate about my day.
woke up, had breakfast with mummy and daddy and my brother is gonna be home too ;) so jyeah, onlined and got ready for madrasah. meet up with fatin then went off to ssc, meet up with zahidah and sabrina then we slackk and skipped madrasah , huakhuak, kk, i know, we're bad :P but we just cnt tahan it sia. like seriously, madrasah with ustazah kamisah sucks ttm _!_ then we went off to causeway, bought hot fudge, and went off to playground to slack with the guys. we really enjoyed ourselves. otw there, me and sabrina stepped alim . kept on saying 'as-tra-fir-lu--ah-hal-ah-zim' sumpah orang ingat we orang giler. then zahidah and fatin couldnt take and burst into laughters too xD kk, sumpah kekek. we played the swing, ran around, me and sabrina kept falling down thanks to zahidah -.-' then we joked around with the kids. we pushed them at the swing. we had a great time. made friends ?? :P i kembang jap cause they called me Kak Ju. chatted with adek fariq. sabrina and her argued, cuteee (L) kk, and syah and the guys joked around with the kids , OMG, sumpah cute siak ^^ i seriously loike it. syah kept teasing me, but i just go along ler. (: hais, its like as if dah lamer tk bl ngn syah gytu ? HAHAHAHAH, lols, he tk datang sch, thts why lah. he pemalas ahk :) then balik, haikal and ali step alim jap, kirim salam. HAHAHAH ! xD so we replied 'em. ;D good girls ^^ then at vistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i saw cik lina and dini; indra's mum and lil sister. booo. kk, very cool, told cik lina the truft about me at vista. told her i played the swings too xP HAHAHAH ! booooooooooooooooooo, sana course thingy i belom bwat youuu :'( kk, dahdah, i gtg. i wanna sleep ah. tired. tmr sch, yay ? idk. and happy belated birthday julia farzana.

@ 1:52 PM

booooooooooooooooooo, you malas nk layan i, i sedih, you kesah?

Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 7:09 PM

more are uploaded in facebook.

FML :'(
@ 6:55 PM

hello. CCA day was awesome. i became IC again cause i wanted too ;) then i had training with the other GOH contigent ;D it was seriously awesome. then after tht, went to lepak, fetch Marlina. then enjoyed myself at sabrina's house. ;B they danced, gave fariq free show (Y) hehehk. jumped up and down on sabrona's bed with Marlina and herself and the bed sort of became CONCAVE then someth really I SWEAR SADDENING HAPPEN TO ME. those words pierced thru me like sharp knife. omg. i laid on sabrina's bed and cursed and BOOM, i cried. thanks eliza and sabrina for cheering me up. but its just too hurting. sabrina and eliza disallowed me to go home as they're afraid im gonna do someth stupid. abg amarool talked to me, i hang up. i cried. then eventually i went home. and i cried on the bus, went home. locked myself in my room. went out, had my dinner ALONE. PILLS were on the table and, i overdosed myself. i ate 4 diff types of PILLS, and drank 2 spoon full of some liquid. then onlined and i fell asleep. around 1am++ , i woke up. offed the com and went out. smoked continously. booo, i suckkkk. i was really sober. i was like some drunkard yesterday. woke up superduper late for tuition. went with hada. had some fun during tuition. after tuition, meet with ghayathri, then went home. onlined, did DnT with her. then we went out. its was enjoying (L) i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the outing. the best tht happen to me after a nongnong time. (: then went home. and my emotions hit me back. i cried again. i cnt help but cry. boo, my life currently sucks. i wanna die, i wanna slit, better still, cut myself like last time. :'( i wanna overdose myself again. but more this time. and no one is there to stop me, wait, NO ONE FUCKINGLY CARES _!_ FML :(

Thursday, July 8, 2010 @ 10:27 PM

hello . bummerrrr . i no mood uhk to blog . but whatever ahk . today , sch , bad mood , FML :( then someth saddening happen to me again ... hais . im like seriously no mood . bye , FML. __

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 @ 10:39 PM

i've no fucking mood now . bie is like ignoring me . im really sad about it. today was fun . enjoyed geography . after sch lepak jap with hidey , syuhaidah , shayunis then only after abt an hour or two , the others came . the guys left first. walked with the girls while smoking . mdm juliza knew about those relationships . fuck care . i dont care .

To Andika ,
hello , why are you ignoring me ? is it because of Haikal and the rest ? if its because of them , i'll be really sad about it . booooooooooo. can you like PLEASE , heck care about them . i feel so empty without you as my awesome bestfriend. hais ... i think i just lose you . this is just hard for me to take it . i lost 2 friends 3 months ago and another one is like treating me like stranger ... and now you're leaving me . you're hurting me by not layan-ing me . i have no one to joke around with , share secrets with and other loads more to do . we've plan all our outings and stuffs and look, its all being cancelled away , one by one . i'm really losing my friends. booohooo . :'( omg, im really crying sia . im done . im too sad to continue . bye.